What’s an infoton?

What’s an infoton?

It’s our collective consciousness

It is the interconnectedness of information across multiple dimensions, limitless possibilities as we consider our own existence.

What’s the backstory of Q8?

Q8 is a testament to the power of embracing one's identity, exploring diverse ways of understanding the world, and building communities that celebrate both unity and diversity. It is a journey of self-discovery, scientific inquiry, and creative expression, all encapsulated in the enigmatic Q and the infinite 8.

What inspired the creation of Q8 and Q08.org?

The creation of Q8 and Q08.org was inspired by Rowan's journey as a queer individual navigating an increasingly fragmented world. The quest for unity amidst diversity and the desire to build a community that celebrates both led Rowan to explore various facets of identity, science, and personal experiences.

Why the letter Q?

The letter "Q" fascinates due to its peculiar shape and unique phonetics in the English language. It became a symbol of Rowan's queer identity, association with a larger Q’munity. As Rowan delved into quantum physics, "Q" also began to represent the strange and counterintuitive principles of quantum mechanics, resonating with their personal identity. Thus, "Q" became a bridge between Rowan's identity and scientific interests.

What’s significant about 8?

The numeral 8 is significant to Rowan because it corresponds to their birthday, August 8, or "08." This date symbolizes new beginnings and cultural shifts, as it is a week after the launch of MTV. Over time, Rowan embraced the infinite significance of "08," which resembles the symbol of infinity and represents boundless potential, interconnectedness with 8 billion people, and the uroboric cycle of creation and destruction.

How did Rowan's skepticism toward numerology evolve?

For much of their life, Rowan was skeptical of numerology and other non-scientific ways of understanding existence. This skepticism was a reflection of their own ignorance rather than the universe's complexities. Eventually, Rowan realized that embracing their complete identity allowed them to reconcile their scientific rigor with a more holistic understanding of existence.

What does Q8 symbolize?

Q8 symbolizes convergence and the infinite potential of life. Together, Q8 embodies the power to "equate" and "create," balancing unity and diversity, and fostering a community that celebrates both.

How does Rowan's astrological sign, Leo, influence their journey?

As a Leo, Rowan's journey is influenced by traits such as strength, creativity, and leadership. These traits guided Rowan in building Q08.org and championing the causes they believe in. Their destiny, shaped by both the stars and personal experiences, led Rowan to create a space where science, identity, and community intersect meaningfully.

What is the purpose of Q08.org?

Q08.org explores and celebrates the diverse facets of identity, science, and community. It aims to balance unity and diversity, fostering a community that appreciates both. The website serves as a space for self-discovery, scientific inquiry, and creative expression.