Empowering Change for All

Calling Changemakers!

Do you have a solution to a problem that makes a real difference in people's lives? Tell us about it! We're looking for solutions to social problems big and small, focusing on equity, open access to information, and social justice.

We're not focused on fancy resumes or big organizations. We care about these things:

  • Big impact: Can you prove your idea will create benefits that far outweigh the cost of the grant?

  • Helping people directly: Does your idea make a clear, positive change in the lives of individuals?

  • Smart use of money: We don't want to fund overhead – we want to fund results!

Here's how it works:

  1. Tell us:

    • What problem are you tackling?

    • What's your solution?

    • How will you measure success? (numbers are good!)

    • How much money do you need to get started?

  2. Short and sweet: Keep your idea explanation simple and to the point.

  3. We have your back: We'll start with small grants, and if your idea takes off, we might give you more to grow it!

Your idea could change the world. Let's get started!

Join the Matrix community and pitch your idea: https://matrix.to/#/#empowering-change:matrix.org