An Unexpected ‘Tropical Paradise’

A Tale of Weather Whimsy from New York to Chicago

On the flight from New York to Chicago passengers were grumpy and the flight attendant said we were flying to “tropical Paradise” but it was warm in New York then it is in Chicago, and the next day started to snow, meanwhile, in San Francisco people wear parkers when it gets below 50

On the flight from New York to Chicago, the passengers were in a mood of grumpiness. Nevertheless, the flight attendant seemed to be in a cheerful frame of mind as she announced “Welcome on board, you are now flying to tropical Paradise!” A few laughs greeted her announcement, while a chorus of groans followed. After all, it was quite a warm day in New York, and the forecast for Chicago was not much better.

Nevertheless, the plane took off and soon the passengers were enjoying the flight and the views of the clouds below. In the distance, they could see mountains topped with snow, and the passengers were starting to get excited about their arrival in the “tropical paradise” they had been promised.

Alas, as the plane began to approach Chicago, it became clear that the tropical paradise of the flight attendant’s dreams was not quite the paradise they had been hoping for — Instead, the light winter snow and cold temperatures welcomed the weary travelers to the Windy City. The passengers shuffled off the plane with more than a hint of disappointment, while some joked that if this was “paradise” then, as a Californian, they would have been more comfortable wearing a parka in San Francisco when temperatures fell below 50°F.

Finally, the passengers made their way to their final destinations, realizing that their expectations of a tropical paradise had not been met. Despite this, there were still many who were thankful for a safe journey and grateful for the journey overall. Maybe their tropical paradise is still out there, waiting for them to stumble upon someday.