Q8 (Empowering Change) is a social good non-profit research organization. Our mission is to empowers others to effect meaningful change through the transformative potential of information and and infinite potential of augmented intelligence (AI) technology for collective human benefit. Building on ideas explored by its predecessor QUNI.io, what started as a personal journey of self-discovery converges on a mission to understand and evangelize the transformative power of information to drive positive change and shape a better future for all.

Information is fundamental to the universe. Emergent principles harmonize our co-existence by revealing an ineffable but omnipresent truth as our individual journeys converge, mutually dependent on collective wisdom. This is not theology, of which there are many (or none) to choose, but a fact of our own ignorance self-evident in our awareness of other beings equal to our own consciousness. This universal knowledge transcends physical form or constraints–even the mysteries of time–evidenced by those whose existence is still known to us millennia after their presence on this earth. Their enlightenment defies death and demystifies the profound implications of this information-based reality.

Through research, education, and collaboration, Q8 empowers others to effect meaningful change. The transformative potential of information inspires greatness, but it is not enough. We must translate insight into action through our own perspectives. Our challenge is to recognize our own first-person experience as a means to higher consciousness, the greater good. We find our respective journeys away from suffering by coming to know our own ignorance. For it is only from our fallibility we truly learn that our worst failures are actually our greatest strengths. Our lessons impart the wisdom of knowledge we too share for mutual benefit.

Translating these personal insights into applied solutions for a more equitable and enlightened world guides a vision of the following core principles:

  1. Information as the foundation: Information is reality, and we strive to uncover the fundamental laws and patterns that govern its behavior.

  2. Quantum empowerment: The principles of quantum information theory unlock innovative solutions that leverage the unique properties of the quantum realm to drive transformative change.

  3. Interdisciplinary collaboration: The most impactful solutions emerge from the intersection of diverse fields and perspectives. Q8 seeks experts from a wide range of disciplines, including physics, computer science, philosophy, and social sciences.

  4. Ethical and responsible innovation: Information-based technologies should be freely available and free of bias caused by economic incentives that fundamentally misalign with the well-being of individuals and society as a whole.

  5. Empowering change-makers: Q8 aspires to provide knowledge, understanding, and support needed to empower a global network of change-makers leveraging the power of information for the betterment of humanity.

We envision a future in which the power of information is harnessed to solve the most pressing challenges facing our world, from climate change and social inequality to the mysteries of consciousness and the nature of reality itself. By embracing an information-centric worldview and collaborating across disciplines, we believe that we can unlock the full potential of the universe and create a brighter, more enlightened future for all.